Week Diet Plan – Everything that you need to know about it

Why our Week Diet Plan?

Our Week Diet Plan’s principle, is to keep insulin levels in the blood stable. Excess insulin in the blood is the cause of the accumulation of fat in the body as a result of excess carbohydrates from the diet of modern society.

Our diet is more than a weight loss diet. It’s a way to boost your health, rejuvenate yourself and get a sense of physical well-being and mental health that we all desire.

We base our week diet plan, not just is based on a weight loss principle, but that it should be good overall health of your body, making it a proper diet for anyone that wishes to take care of their body.

The principle of this Week Diet Plan is the balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Our daily food intake should come from carbohydrates 40%, 30% protein and 30% fat and is therefore we call it the 40-30-30 diet.

It is important that in each of the five meals that we do throughout the day we keep this perfect balance, not allowing more than 4 to 5 hours between two meals, so that the blood sugar levels remain stable. Being in the “zone” is the beginning of a healthier life, longer and more satisfying.

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